Interior designers Shannon Manchester and Jody Peters announced their partnership with the launch of their lifestyle and interior design blog Design Serendipity, and the two didn’t stop at that. Almost immediately following their first post they officially opened the doors to a comprehensive design services firm by the same moniker. As the name implies, it was a serendipitous moment that lead them to the realization that combining their skill sets would ultimately mean a more creative, vibrant, fresher outlook to which they could offer their clients, it was a collaboration meant to be.

The Design Serendipity mission is to share inspiring design trends, create innovative design solutions, make note of special market finds, and provide accessible design ideas for the home or office. Essentially, it’s to help clients identify what they like and define the style that brings them ultimate happiness.

The Founder and Editor of Design Serendipity received her education and formal training from the Parsons School of Design. Shannon served an apprenticeship with a renowned decorator and was heavily involved with the design and promotion of her mentor’s Kip’s Bay Show House vignette which garnered Shannon with many accolades and her first taste of substantiated design notice. Shannon’s love of design is inherited. Her parents owned and operated a building firm and she grew up living in a home they created collaboratively. “To say I was fortunate to have a crafty father and creative mother is an understatement. They gave me the gusto to go after whatever inspires me, to allow myself to be creative on a daily basis and to surround myself with hands-on projects. I love to create, build and transform older pieces into something new and fresh. Whether it’s a lamp or a home in the framing stage, I get the same adrenaline rush.” Previous to Shannon’s design career, she worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers providing tax consulting and compliance services to not-for-profit, healthcare and higher education organizations. Her PricewaterhouseCoopers experience is a training which to this day she credits when considering and adhering to a client’s budget.

In Shannon’s Home You Will Find: “Lots of soothing blues, greens and gray’s accentuated by pops of orange and navy. Furnishings include lots of wood and upholstered pieces that give it a clean and casual look. Treasures from the beach and lots of family photographs give the house its own personal character. I’m also obsessed with anything animal print. A peek in my closet will divulge several styles of animal print shoes and a meal in my kitchen will include the comfort of plush zebra-print throw pillows, my print of choice at the moment."

The Co-Founder and Co-Editor of Design Serendipity spent over a decade working in fashion, in New York City.  Her most notable training in the art of design, quality and the reinterpretation of old world classics came from her time at Burberry where under the direction of retail maven Rose Marie Bravo, she served as a part of the team responsible for resurrecting the brand to it's luxury, power-house status.  Jody’s vision for decorating reflects a timeless, modern approach to personalizing spaces and making them unique but ultimately livable and meaningful.  You’ll often find her looking for “pops of brilliance and personality” when shopping for her clients.  Previous to Jody’s long history with Burberry she worked in public relations and advertising.  She touts her experience as a member of the original team that launched Martin + Osa and most recently worked for famed bridal designer Coren Moore, as her Brand Manager.

In Jody’s Home You Will Find:  “Lots of whites, browns, blues, pops of pink and splashes of silver.  I adore ‘elephant ears’, especially the huge ones in tall, cylindrical vases and I always have either peonies or lilies around the house.  There is definitely a modern, nautical feel since we live on the water but you can see little peeks of animal print to help make it feel fresh and youthful.”

Favorite Room:  “Definitely the bedroom.  It’s a haven and my place to decompress from all of the daily stresses.  I adore, scrumptious white bed linens but I cherish the striated, blue and white headboard my business partner Shannon made me!  Divine.”  

Shannon Manchester | shannon@designserendipityinteriors.com | 203.246.7307
Jody Peters | jody@designserendipityinteriors.com | 917.439.5728