His and Hers-Carrie and Big

It's been years and we all know that Carrie finally got "her" Big and in "Sex And The City 2", the two of them certainly scored big-time when it came to their apartment.  One of my favorite spaces was the His and Her closet designed by Lydia Marks.  If you look carefully, you'll see a masculine side to the left with dark wood and modern, sleek hardware while on the right the woodwork is a bit more traditional, light in finish and the hardware feels more feminine and classic.  What's most interesting about this space is that while it's shared spatially, it's divided in design aesthetic AND IT WORKS!  Something to note as the trend seems to be shared his/her closets.  Does it work?  You be the judge.
Happy Friday...we made it!
Looks like Carrie managed to sneak a dress onto Big's side!
If you ask me, I think the two aesthetics actually work well together.  The space really feels equally divided yet totally cohesive.  Lydia Marks really is a kickass set designer!